Versailles parquet flors
Versailles wood floor - Versailles wood flooring
Our Versailles parquet floors are re-creations, according to the true tradition for the fitting of the parts of wood, with truths mortise and tenon joints, pegs, and especially without glue...

The parquet floor of Versailles was called in 17th and 18th centuries: French-style parquet, it is a parquet floor of assembly that some people called " parquet with compartments". It is made, generally, in solid oak, its drawing is composed of small dimpled square panels in cross-pieces, it comprises a framing, the unit is built with tenons and mortises with more than 40 pegs. It settles generally in diagonal compared to the walls and it contributes, since centuries, with the decoration of the refined apartments.

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   Versailles wood floor - Versailles wood flooring    
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